Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Artichoke Basille

I dropped by Artichoke Basille's today, for the first time.  Since it opened half a year ago, it's been compared repeatedly with DiFara's.   I tried a Margherita slice, and a Sicilian slice.   This corresponds with what I order at DiFara's, where I usually try and get an ordinary slice and a square slice.   I avoided the eponymous Artichoke slice, which seemed really thick and although I like artichokes, it seemed topped with something more like artichoke dip.  Yuck.

At any rate, the margherita slice is pretty well done, in both senses.  It had a nice thin crust, and had a rich taste as a result of the generous parmesan sprinkled on the pie.  The crust was a bit too blackened.  The Sicilian was pretty much the same.  Rich and a bit overly blackened.  On both, the sauce was tangy and complemented the richness of the cheese very nicely.  All in all, everything was great, and I'll definitely be back here again when I'm in the neighborhood.  This is the best slice I've had in Manhattan.

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