Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cafe Sabarsky

A few weeks ago I and a few others went to Cafe Sabarksy, which has
the reputation of being a very authentic Viennese cafe. I've never
been to Vienna, so I really can't comment, but it was very nice
looking, with wood paneling, nice silverware, and a general relaxed
but sophisticated vibe.

I got a cafe creme, which had the same smooth chocolate notes that I
remember from drinking those Nestle Viennese coffee mixes a long time
ago. I'm sorry to compare the two, since I'm sure the one at Cafe
Sabarsky is made with much more care.

We also got some dishes and a slice of cake. Everything was elegantly
prepared, and was well seasoned. I had a beef consomme with root
vegetables and wide noodles made from sliced crepe (which I hadn't
seen before) . It matched the rainy day quite well.

The chocolate cake slice we had was exceptional. It was intensley
chocolaty with cute little shave chocolate curled on top.

The whole thing was a bit expensive. I'd recommend trying it out, but
maybe a coffee and cake would be the best value.