Sunday, February 11, 2007

Welcome to bimodal eating!

Bimodal eating is a new food blog that I've created, to separate my food blogging from my other blogging efforts. Currently, my blogging efforts are spread a bit thin, and I don't necessarily have much time to blog. However, I'm using this new blog to blog about food going forward. My previous food blogging was done at Dresese, my personal blog.

Why bimodal? This reflects my belief that the best food is to be found at the ends of the price spectrum. Cheap food, either ethnic or not is a great way to spend money and time. Besides the already mentioned cheapness, cheap food focuses on the food as a necessity, because it can't afford any money spent in any different way. And, usually a great cheap place is just as cheap as a lousy cheap place, so there's a lot of value to be had for those who look. The other way to get great food is to go to an expensive restaurant, and that's good too, because expensive restaurants can afford to give you the truly creative, cutting-edge, luxurious food that is important to experience. The value here is good too, because if you can eat one of the best meals you'll ever get for just a few hundred dollars per person, it is well worth it.

I'll be posting various food experiences, every once in a while. I don't suggest checking back on this blog, but rather subscribe to it with an RSS reader (I personally prefer Google Reader).